Bale Openers

The BK-7 Bale Opener, from Spuhl Anderson, is designed open coiled spring units packed under extreme pressure. This sturdy machine enables mattress manufacturers to safely un-crate spring units of heavy guage wire.

  • BK-7 Screw Driven Bale Opener - Spuhl Anderson
    Designed for today’s coil specifications the BK-7 will safely handle today’s innersprings with higher coil counts, heavier wire gauge, and new coil designs.
  • RO-230 Roll Pack Opener - Gribetz International
    Safely and conveniently open roll packed spring units with this machine.
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Monday, 14, March, 2016 Randy Metcalf

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Thursday, 10, March, 2016 Randy Metcalf

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Thursday, 10, March, 2016 Randy Metcalf

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